HART Communication

The model DPR-2000 Differential Pressure Transmitter is suitable for measuring pressures from -100mbar to 70bar with maximum working pressures up to 420bar.

The DPR-2000 SMART Differential Pressure Transmitters are suitable for measuring differential pressure of gases, vapours and liquids. The active sensing element is a piezoresistive silicon sensor separated from the medium by a diaphragm and by a specially selected type of manometric liquid.  The special design of the active sensing element ensures that it is able to withstand pressure surges and overloads of up to 250/320/420bar. The casing is made of cast aluminium alloy or 316 stainless steel with degree of protection IP66/IP67. The design of the casing enables the use of a local display, rotation of the display by 90°, rotation of the casing by 0–355° relative to the sensor, and a choice of cable direction.

ATEX certified for use in Zone 0/20 and Zone 1/21 Hazardous Areas and available with 316L, Hastelloy C 276 or Gold wetted parts materials, the DPR-2000 SMART Differential Pressure Transmitters are suitable for use in a wide range of applications whether for measuring differential pressure, level or flow.

When fitted with a direct diaphragm seal on the Hi side of the transmitter (image on left), the DPR-2000 can be used for measuring level in open tanks.

One unique feature of all models in the D-Series is the backlit LCD display which facilitates local monitoring in light deficient environments by enhancing display visibility (move your mouse cursor over the image below to illuminate display).

The D-Series can also be supplied with Delta’s user-friendly ‘D-Soft’ remote communication software.  Using the HART communication protocol, this software provides users with a convenient way to calibrate, configure and monitor the instrument by connecting it to a PC via Delta’s USB/Bluetooth to HART converter.

D-Soft features include:

  • Identification of individual transmitter
  • Configuration of output parameters
  • Readings of currently measures values
  • Enforcement of output current with a given value
  • Transmitter calibration
  • Zeroing

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