Electrical gas preheaters


Electrical gas preheaters

Heat – for all gases up to 650°C
And safety– for operation in EX hazardous areas and for high pressure up to 500 bar.
Our solution – tailored exactly to your needs

Typical appilcations:

  • Gas pressure reduction stations
  • Seal gas and fuel gas heaters

Advantages of ELMESS gas preheaters:

  • designed according to customers’s individual requirements
  • safe and reliable operation
  • simple installation
  • low service requirement
  • long lifetime

Special design with inline process connections:
Due to a special, double-walled design, the heat loss is reduced. Inlet and outlet nozzles are one the same level.

Block type gas preheaters

The medium is heated up indirectly inside a tube coil. The tube coil and the electrical heating inset are cast in an aluminium block which serves as heat transfer medium.
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Gas preheaters as flow heaters

The gas is being heated up directly inside a vessel by the electrical heating inset

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Ex control gas preheater

Preheater for heating up small amounts of gas, e.g. control gas.
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Gas preheater with inline process connections

Due to a special, double-walled design, the heat loss is reduced. Inlet and outlet nozzles are on the same level.

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Explosion protection
Explosion protected gas preheaters are suitable for operation in hazardous areas of category II 2 G or 2D (zone 1 or 21).
They are supplied wilh EC type examination certificate according to ATEX directive 94/9/EC. GOST and IECEx certificates are available on project basis.

DVGW approval (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water)


Tube coil or vessel and flanges made of carbon steel, stainless steel 321, 316 or special materials according to customer’s requirements. Heater shell and connection box made of carbon steel or stainless steel.