Electrical gas preheaters

Electrical gas preheaters

Heat – for all gases up to 650°C
And safety- for operation in EX hazardous areas and for high pressure up to 500 bar. Our solution – tailored exactly to your needs

Advantages of ELMESS gas preheaters:

  • designed according to customers’s individual requirements
  • safe and reliable operation
  • simple installation
  • low service requirement
  • long lifetime

Design variations

Block Type Gas Heater

The medium is heated indirectly inside a cotube coil. The tube coil is cast in an aluminum block along with the electric heating bundle, protected by a steel or stainless steel enclosure.

The tube coil as pressure bearing element is calculated, manufactured and documented in compliance with PED, ASME or other codes.

Design, connections (1-2“), output and dimensions as required on a case by case basis

Special advantages of ELMESS block type gas heaters

  • high operation pressure up to 500 barg
  • operating temperature up to ~400°C
  • safe and reliable temperature control
  • best for small temperature gap between surface and outlet temperature
  • heating of aggressive media