Aquarian 3000Visual Bi-colour Water Level Gauge

untitled-2The Aquarian 3000Visual is a 3000 psi ported gauge that produces a red/green image to indicate the water level in a high-pressure steam drum. The body is precision machined into a trapezoidal shape. Light projected through steam produces a red image. Light projected through water is refracted (bent) and produces a green image. The gauge fulfills the requirements in the 2001 ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section 1 PG-60.1 that states:

“Boiler with an MAWP of 400 psi or less and electric boilers of the electrode type, require at least one gage glass. Except for electric boilers of the electrode type, boilers with an MAWP over 400 psi require at least two gage glasses. Forced flow steam generators with no fixed steam and waterline, and high-temperature water boilers of the forced circulation type, do not require a gage glass.

When two gage glasses are required, one of the gage glasses may be replaced by two independent remote level indicators. When both remote level indicators are operating reliably, the remaining gage glass may be shut off, but shall be maintained in serviceable condition. When fitted with two gage glasses, both gage glasses may be connected to a singled water column or directly to the drum. At least one gage glass shall be readily visible to the operator in the area where immediate control actions are initiated. Alternately, two dependable indirect indications shall be provided, either by transmission of the gage glass image or by remote level indicators. A gage glass image transmitted to the operator’s working area by means of a fiber optic signal, is considered to provide direct reading of the gage glass water level.”

• Visibility: Gauges are available in a range of standard visibilities from 12-1/2” up to 42-1/2” to suit every application
• End Connection options: Flanged with pipe expansion loop, or pipe nipple ended for use with tubular packing box valves
• Gauge flange spacing: Standard flange centers, or customized to suit retrofit applications
• Solid-state Illuminator with Level Display provides clear red/green image and a 10 year maintenance free service life. Illuminator can be easily modified for use in hazardous(explosive) areas. See Fossil Gauge Illuminator Brochure 9340-1116 for more information
• Gauges can be incorporated with other standard components and provided as part of a complete boiler
level equipment package including:
– Plain water column to match drum centers and gauge flange centers
– Aquarian electronic level column with probes, remote indication and controls
– Gauge isolation valves with chain wheel operators and chain
– Column isolation valves and drain valves


• Designed for 3000 psi (207 Bar) and 696°F (369°C) steam service
• One piece type 304L stainless steel body and covers provide corrosion resistance and long service life
• Belleville spring washers maintain gasket loading under thermal and pressure cycles
• Precision tempered and ground Aluminosilicate glass provides clear visibility
• Laminated and die formed graphoil sealing gasket Two discs of premium V-1 quality clear ruby mica protect the glass from the steam and extend the service life
• Constructed to the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vesel Code requirements for design, materials and construction