Safety Valves



The safety valves SV 5001 series, are used to protect tanks fed and low delivery pumps


fotoc53e1251ad969a3691338348325238e5_14375d22f2a747a0b8128b1fb2acac56SAFETY VALVES 20000 SERIES

Full nozzle and full lift safety valves, suitable for gas, vapour and liquid service.


foto912f424f846af3061ef86dcbe41f6801_fdfe018167f241e38202af64358b11f0SAFETY VALVES 30000 SERIES

The 30000 Serie pressure relief valves have been designed for steam, gaseous and liquid fluids applications. The valves are of full-nozzle type, full lift and spring loaded.


foto6e9339ae7104f6199cb17990dd6bcff7_f2b1e8b7ae6947d88a36ec187a0ff470RELIEF VALVES 4000 SERIES

Full nozzle and full lift safety valves, suitable for liquid service


fotoc63ed9c4867091e101f6135b32ad56ca_f10644ae09d24acd96fa64674646a6e6PILOT OPERATED SAFETY VALVE 30000 SERIES

Pilot Operated Safety Valves 30000 Series are derived from the conventional valves of the same series, and retain the same orifices. They are designed and manufactured in according to the API 526


fotob5cc7a78886f6d659aa2c2684173cfd0_106484c7906348b1b8c6d3e30258ea88SAFETY VALVES 10000 SERIES

The special features of the safety relief valves, 10000 series, designed and produced by Technical s.r.l. are of full nozzle and full lift type. They posses a high discharge coefficinet (K=0,96).


fotoec24b8e33b8bcb6935280519bfbb1e2c_15da2ba483844adebe958399dd414aafSAFETY VALVES SV 10001 SERIES

The safety valves series SV 10001 are made of stainless steel SS 316L and of superalloys. Connections ¼ “, the adjustable outlet connection.