Welcome to Aurora Works

With more than 15 years’ experience for engineering team, Aurora Works Co.,Ltd. is a market leader in the following field;

: Supply the Tank protection devices for safety, Instrumentation products and electrical heater in petrochemical oil & gas, power plant, ethanol bio diesel plants in Thailand.

: Support a wide range of industries from manufacturing to process control integrators.

Aurora Works Co., Ltd. have already complied with the

“Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2015   

Following as scope: The import, distribution, maintenance, testing and installation services                                            of measuring device and valves. 

          FS 760803

Aurora Works is Authorized Maintenance Facility KSPC in Thailand !

We can calibrate – testing / repair / training as one complete solution service the Breather Valves / Emergency relief valve / N2-Blanketing regulator /            Slot dipping devices follow API2000.


KSPC Visited Aurora Works.Co., Ltd. On 9-11 August 2023.


Service Update

FAT Tank protection devices. Project Clean Fuel Project (Thaioil) with Worley & Rotary at Aurora Works branch office Rayong.

FAT Delta Mobrey Level Float Switches at New Work Shop Aurora Works


GC ME Witness Product KSPC of TK-1922 AND TK-1923 Project at New Work Shop Aurora Works


Revamp AQ3000classic to AQ3000mini / Electronics Level Indicator  Ref. FOSSIL/CANADA at EGAT NAMPONG Site.

Service Annual inspection & calibrate the Breather Valves follow-up API2000 procedure.


GCME Witness Product KSPC of  Facilities for Distribute DSL Ultraforce Via RTL Project at New Work Shop Aurora Works

SCG MMT Witness Product Pressure relief valves for sea water line at New Work Shop Aurora Works


MITSUBISHI POWER & BEST TECH Witness Product KSPC of GPD Project at New Work Shop Aurora Works


We are never stop to learn. And we’re ready to work to together.


Service Training & Visited Elmess Factory at Uelzen / Germany


Elmess visited Aurora Works.co.,Ltd. 

Elmess and Aurora Works co.,ltd. Agreement contract continues agent letter.


Visited Delta mobrey office in Malaysia.   Visited Technical partners meeting. 


Visited KSPC manufacturing in Korea.



MITSUBISHI POWER & BEST TECH Witness Product KSPC of GPD Project at New Work Shop Aurora Works


PTT TANK Witness Product KSPC at New Work Shop Aurora Works

Ref. Project of Bang Chak Petroleum Terminal (Oil)KSPC / Breather valve with flame arrestor                                                                                    1501743220953  1501743233128

Training for Tank protection device “KSPC” at TTCL PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED                                                                                                                                                               20170609_162600_resized   20170609_161100_resized

 Meeting with supplier   


Supplier and Contractor Turnaround 2017 IRPC


Service Installed Water drum high pressure – level gauge “Fossil” at National Power


 Installation PVRVat SCG MMT     Inspection project BBF


Installation the Bi-color water level gauge Fossil at DCAP


Sharing knowledge to Sale team and Service engineer.


Onsite training for the product Aquarian 3000 Visual (visibility Gauge System Ported level Gauge) FOSSIL at EGAT WANGNOI