Display for chemical and water treatment

Displacer level transmitter - MLT100 - Delta Mobrey Limited - liquid / HART  / ATEX

Delta Mobrey’s Ultrasonic Level Transmitters are your cost-effective solution for reliable level measurement instrumentation. The DMSP Series can be used for virtually all level measurements, and are ideal for mounting over liquid surfaces in tanks or open channel flow. Model options offer HART communication, relay outputs and hazardous area certification. All models have LCD display and push button configuration.

Key Features

• Non-contact, continuous measurement of Level, Contents or Open Channel Flow

• Local LCD display and push button menu for parameter display, configuration and diagnostics

• Two wire loop powered 4-20mA with HART® output

• Integral relay output option

• Speed of sound temperature compensation

• Configure to ignore disturbing object false echo

• IP67/68 construction

• Plastic, or painted aluminium enclosure