Aquarian 3000 Mini

untitled-5The Aquarian 3000Mini was developed to satisfy basic level indication needs utili-zing vacuum brazed probes for boiler drum, feedwater heaters and other liquid level applications. The Aquarian system consists of three major components: the column with probes, the detection and verification unit (D&V) and the remote display. The Fossil conductivity probe with vacuum brazed insulators, has been used and proven reliable for many years of service. The Swagelok metal to metal seal of the Aquarian probe insures leak proof installation in the Aquarian column.

The electronic system in the (D&V) unit is connected to 5, 8, 10, 12 or more probes on the water column. The number of probes can be selected and spaced to indicate liquid level through a desired operating range. The Aquarian column is custom manufactured to provide the most accurate indication for any application. An individual relay is provided for every probe level to provide versatility in selecting high/low or other system alarm and trip points.

A remote LED display panel, customized for the number of probes and their locations, is standard. A local display mounted on the D&V door is optional. Operation of the system is based on measurement of the difference in resistance between water and steam, which is compared with a known reference
resistor. The signal output to the probes is a symmetrical source wave ± 5 VDC current which precludes electroplating of the probe. The Aquarian 3000Mini measures the returning signal to indicate ‘water’ or ‘steam’.

System diagnostics perform an ongoing wire continuity check (using optional two wires per probe) to ensure the integrity of the cable connecting the probes to the D&V. System fault indication is provided by a relay which monitors the internal power supply, clock and wire continuity. A second relay, for level fault, activates if water is detected above steam.

Features and Benefits
• Solid state electronics and two color display
• Solid state output to drive up to three remote displays
• NEMA 4X (IP65) enclosed detection and verification unit
• 10 amp power relay contact output for each probe to control trips and alarm
• Three way adjustment for water conductivity
• Electronic self-monitoring and indication in the D&V unit; optional probe wire continuity monitor, power supply failure (redundant power supplies), clock (DC detection circuit) failure
• 10 amp power relay contact output for electronic faults
• 10 amp power relay contact output for level fault (water over steam)
• On board water detection indication in the D&V unit