Hot water boiler

Hot water boiler type series HWE

The compact hot water boiler of type series HWE were designed to heat large water volumes in a constant controlled flow. The hot water boiler are suited as consumers for mains stabilisation, as autonomous calorifiers
without local emission sources, and as a means to secure the district heating supply. Your advantage: The hot water boiler can be directly integrated into the district heating mains. The area of application comprises all control range products: Secondary control range (SRL), minute reserve (MRL)


  • Infinitely variable output control, combination of variability in stages or infinitely in case of large outputs
  • Boiler generates directly heated supply water
  • Large heat transfer surfaces, minute surface load
  • No special requirements on water quality
  • Direct integration into direct heating mains
  • No separate heat exchanger required
  • Unsupervised operation: available according to EN 12953 (TRD 604) (72 hour control interval) (BoB 72)
  • High redundancy due a variety of tubular heaters
  • Robust and maintenance-free design

Your advantages

  • Economic and technical safety due to proven quality (see references)
  • No large conversion measures generally required due to compact design
  • Low investment costs, fast amortisation
  • High efficiency (>99%)
  • High availability (optional: additional reserved power)
  • Ad-hoc use due to short response times

Technical data

Power range: 1 to 5 MW
Electrical connection: 690 V/50 Hz/3 ph
Calculation pressure: up to 30 bar
Calculation temperature: up to 250 °C

Manufacturing standards
Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 97/23/EC,
EN 12953, EN 13445, AD-2000