Basket Strainers


150-300LB Quick Release Basket Strainers

The 150-300LB Basket Strainer, also known as Mono-in-line Strainer, is designed for the efficient removal of solid/foreign material from flowing liquids & gases.

Our Quick Release range of Basket Strainers are manufactured to with end connections machined to recognised International Standards such as ASME B16.5.

Advantages of Basket Strainers over Y-Type Strainers
Debris contained in basket
Quick Release closure for easier maintenance
Larger filtration area/Dirt holding capacity

Barton Firtop’s Basket Strainers offer a LARGER filtration area than similar strainers on the market, ensuring minimal pressure loss, improved flow-rates & greater dirt holding capacity, leading to longer service/ maintenance intervals.


Connection Type
Size (NB)
Ratings Available
Cast Carbon Steel
Flanged RF
1″ to 12″
ASME B16.5,
Class 150LB & 300LB
Cast Stainless Steel
Flanged RF
1″ to 10″
ASME B16.5,
Class 150LB & 300LB

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Special Item Availability:
Basket Strainers are available from Barton Firtop, manufactured to order with a number of specialised requirements, often utilising ex-stock castings: –

Pressure ranges up to 2500LB & API 10,000
Special levels of NDE and material testing can be performed
All exotic and non standard material ranges can be achieved