Aquarian Level Probe and Column

Fossil Power Systems’ level probe and column are designed for steam/water level measurements using conductivity type electronic level detection systems. The probe and column are typically used with Fossil’s Aquarian line of level systems. However, these are also fully compatible with any existing electronic systems from Clark-RelianceTM, HydrastepTM, or similar manufacturers. Fossil’s probe and column provide an excellent opportunity to replace leaking probe gaskets, failed probes, and corroded columns with superior technology. The use of a junction box that is pre-wired to the probes makes installation simple.

Features of Aquarian Brazed Probes:
• High Density zirconium oxide ceramic wetted insulator improves steam & water detection through minimized contaminant build-up and enhanced water shedding
• 304 Stainless Steel body and tip
• Body and Tip are vacuum brazed to insulator
• Conductivity sensing to 0.25μmho through high joint integrity
• Simplified construction using brazed joint eliminates requirement for BellevilleTM washers, copper cushion washer and critical rod bolt tension preload
• 100% gas tested to 2000 psi
• Hydro tested to 6000 psi
• Maximum pressure 3000 psi
• Maximum temperature 1200°F
• Two-year unconditional warranty from date of shipment
• Swagelok seal profile machined into bar stock probe body
• Low Pressure Probe P/N 9300-0010 Formerly YarwayTM P/N 964584-43 and – 52
• High Pressure Probe P/N 9300-0002 Formerly YarwayTM P/N 964584-01

Features of Aquarian Level Columns:

• Design Pressures 650, 2000 and 3000psi
• 1200°F maximum
• Materials A106 Carbon Steel, Chrome Moly and various Stainless Steel materials
• Connections Pipe stub, NPT, Butt weld and flanged connections
• Options Column mounted junction box with all probes pre-wired to the terminals Lifting lug Isolation valves