Aquarian Single Probe Alarm Module

The Aquarian Single Probe Alarm Module (Aquarian SP) represents the latest advancement in electronic level detection. Based on the conductivity probe technology now widely accepted in the industry, it was specifically designed to meet increasing industry demand for a reliable, cost effective and versatile means of sensing water in various applications.

The Aquarian SP is an accurate and reliable instrument that provides positive indication of steam or water in high temperature and pressure applications. The proven Aquarian probe and pressure vessel form a resistivity cell. The Aquarian SP measures resistance, and reports the presence of either steam or water based on fluid conductivity. The probe can be mounted directly to the pressure vessel, by welding the probe connector in a Tee, or column. Its Swagelok metal to metal seal assures a leak proof installation.

The Aquarian SP Module is an effective electronic replacement for mechanical float switches. The SP Module can be conveniently located up to 65 feet away from the probe with low conductivity water, and 500 feet away with high conductivity water.

Three LED indicators provide visual verification, showing “WATER”, “STEAM” AND “POWER/CLOCK”. The “POWER/CLOCK” LED flashes under normal conditions to show that power is present and the clock is properly functioning. The two “Form-C” type contacts provide relay outputs for control circuits or
remote indicators.

Features and Benefits

• Stand alone plug-in module
• Relay can be set as “fail safe” in case of power failure
• 120 or 240 VAC operation, 50/60Hz
• Proven electronic sensor – no moving parts to fail
• Power/Clock fault monitor
• Field configurable to handle service requirements
• Local indication (up to 500 feet away)
• Two “FORM-C” type relay contacts
• Ideal replacement for float switches