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Ref. Project GGC Tank farm
Offerred to EPC: K THAI CONTRACTOR  KSPC / Emergency vent cover3097530976


Ref. Project of Bang Chak Petroleum Terminal (Oil)KSPC / Breather valve with flame arrestor15017432209531501743233128

Training for Tank protection device “KSPC” at TTCL PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED20170609_162600_resized20170609_161100_resized 

 Supplier and Contractor Turnaround 2017 IRPC i192cimgpsh_orig 

 Meeting with supplier  glowmtd_0373  

 Installation PVRVat SCG MMT     Inspection project BBFdsc07096

Installation the Bi-color water level gauge Fossil at DCAP dsc07313