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Ref. Project GGC Tank farm
Offerred to EPC: K THAI CONTRACTOR  KSPC / Emergency vent cover3097530976


Ref. Project of Bang Chak Petroleum Terminal (Oil)KSPC / Breather valve with flame arrestor15017432209531501743233128

Training for Tank protection device “KSPC” at TTCL PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED20170609_162600_resized20170609_161100_resized 

 Supplier and Contractor Turnaround 2017 IRPC i192cimgpsh_orig 

 Meeting with supplier  glowmtd_0373  

 Installation PVRVat SCG MMT     Inspection project BBFdsc07096

Installation the Bi-color water level gauge Fossil at DCAP dsc07313 

Sharing knowledge to Sale team and Service engineer.








Onsite training for the product Aquarian 3000 Visual (visibility Gauge System Ported level Gauge) FOSSIL at EGAT WANGNOI