Immersion heaters


Immersion heaters

Immersion heaters serve for heating of fluids, air or gas. They are components of machinery and plants, or mounted into tanks or vessels.
According to the individual requirements of our customers, ELMESS-Thermosystemtechnik is offering customised immersion heaters.
They are designed and manufactured in high quality industrial design or in explosion proof design according ATEX. This guarantees a maximum of reliability, safety and long lifetime for your plants.

Main fields of applications:

  • Petrochemical, chemical and pharmaceutical industries
  • Oil and gas extraction, production and distribution
  • Mechanical engineering and plant construction
  • Paint industries
  • Energy and environmental technologies
  • Laboratory and analytical technologies
  • Plastics and textile industries
  • Packaging technologies
  • Industrial gases

Design variations

Ex-Immersion Heater Type DH..B..

with withdrawable heating inset

more information | download datasheet

Ex-Immersion Heater Type DH..C..

more information | download datasheet

Ex Cartridge Heater Typ DH..A..

without temperature monitoring
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Specific surface load:

The specific surface load is a measure for the heat transfer onto the heated medium. It must be chosen according to the medium, flow, pressure and mounting conditions as well as the medium temperature and admissible surface temperatures. With a specific surface load wich is optimized for the process, a high thermal efficiency will be reached.